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Two Sides of a Coin.

Posted by Joyan Tharakan on December 23, 2010 at 10:29 PM

Once a brave man said, “man created religion, and religion created Gods, and the religions and Gods divided men.” I have lived in two countries and each one has many different cultures and religions. I have read the Holly Bible and the Holly Quran; these divine books are the religious books of the two wide popular and most spread religions. Most Europeans share Christianity and most of the eastern side of the globe share Islam as the popular religion. Christianity and Islam are similar in many ways.

Christianity and Islam spread through missionary works, and also through wars. The Christianity spread throughout the world during colonial rule by Great Britain; likewise, Islam spread around the world during the reigns of the Persian Empire and the Mogul empire. The British and the Persian empires forcefully tried to spread their religions. Christian rulers and Islamic rulers tried to destroy other religions and believers in the lands were they conquered, and both rulers established schools, churches and mosques to teach their beliefs. Christians and Muslims gave big value and respect to their holly books and to the priests. Christianity and Islamic believers share the same value, which is love. Christians and Muslims traced their ancestry to one of Abraham’s sons. Islam originated with Ishmael, Abraham’s elder son who is born from Hagar. The Christians are followers of Jesus Christ, a descendent of Abraham‘s son Jacob. The Quran and the Bible have a common Old Testament and a separate New Testament. Christians believe their Holly bible is written by many people who possessed by God, and Muslims believes that their Holly Quran is written by the God; however in metaphorically both of them agree with God had written it. Christianity and Islam have false interpreters to spread violence and hatred; for example, KKK, Al Qaeda, and other groups. Some teach both hatred and violence say that Islam is the only religion that has the true God and whoever stands against the religion must be destroyed. In reality, the Quran does not teach any destruction. Likewise, in Christianity, some people say that the Christianity is the only religion that will help one to achieve salvation. The Bible only teaches love, and it never says that Christianity is the truth or that any other religion is wrong. The Bible says that everyone will be judged based on their faith. Islam and Christianity teach love, forgiveness, kindness and sacrifices for others. The true intentions of lent practiced by the Muslims are, fast and give the food to those who need it. However, the meaning of lent is totally changed, but there are few celebrate lent in the true way. Christians also have lent for the same purpose.

Christians and Muslims are not different; they are just two sides of the same coin. God lives not only in churches and mosques, but he lives in our hearts that is what Jesus Christ and Mohammed Nabi taught all humankind. When all people realize that they are the temples of God, the earth will become heaven. Let all mankind dreams about a heavenly earth.


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