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Torino striker cher formally submitted a transfer request

Posted by John Jack on August 29, 2014 at 4:50 AM

Torino President in an interview to confirm, neymar hypervenom world cup the team striker cher, has put forward the transfer request to the club, he is currently considering multiple transfer option. The news that Arsenal is one of them. It is understood that the club would like to sell 20 million euros (16 million pounds), milliopodtunds the Italian international team President carol said: "Chelsea's transfer is still there may be, he has been asked to leave. At present, we still have 4 days in the transfer window closes, so we'll see what happens." "Of course I will is keep cher, but we will try to find solutions act for everyone. I have already told him that I, as long as the receiving enough quotation, the team will sell him." After it emerged that AC milan are also very want to sign a incised, strange, this carol said: hypervenom world cup 2014 "milan was out of Arsenal? He has a lot of choice."

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