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Telecom cup: lai wan li berry, bayern 7-6 door

Posted by [email protected] on August 16, 2014 at 3:15 AM

Deutsche telekom cup in a semi-final battle in the end, the 2-2 draw with bayern Munich and gate and conventional time, bayern 5-4 win a penalty shootout final success, they are in the final, will be eliminated in Hamburg wolfsburg lai wan's first-half goal scoring, New Football Boots 2015 second-half franck ribery goal help bayern a two-goal lead, then the door and rely on the two penalty equaliser penalties lafite, and Max's shot was saved, sudden death phase, martinez to resist pressure scored from the penalty spot, cobb's shot was beam off, bayern thrilling promotion Focus lens: 29 rhode single-pole have lobbed home levante opening record of 34 'franck ribery has a wide continuous finish corner 42' bard figure bell box handball, Soccer Cleats 2015 g lowther scoring 59 'martinez foul penalty area, g LuZeMei open two degrees cloignkinson

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