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Carol's arrival - nawaz, two real Madrid goalkeeper career come to an end

Posted by John Jack on August 9, 2014 at 4:15 AM

Real Madrid announced signing from levante carol - nawaz, Mercurial 2015 this news as if sound the death knell for a sound, the current number one goalkeeper diego lopez of real Madrid and struggling iker casillas - may be the end of his career to real Madrid This article is to 27, 6 feet tall the whole weight of 172 pounds of costa rica goalkeeper nawaz conduct a comprehensive look at the advantages of nawaz In levante had an outstanding season, then at the World Cup is reminiscent of his countryman luis coney huo legendary goalkeeper (costa rica), New Nike Mercurial 2015 navas now is regarded as one of the world's best shot-stopper According to the statistics, Squawka nawaz saves every 90 minutes last season went confiscated and boxing ball number is very surprising, far more than the lopez and iker casillas anterviitild

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