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Biography: continue reinforcing defence, Barcelona again target agger

Posted by John Jack on August 6, 2014 at 4:45 AM

Barcelona again targeting the Liverpool defender Daniel agger, Copa Mundial Samba Blue who had expressed his leave the idea of the red army Spanish media Daily dello sport Barcelona to sign dismounted, the difficulty of gini Austin is still very big, the Spanish giants to reconsider his signings object Ajax midfielder blinder and tottenham defender phil tong heng are potential targets, transfer fee but agger appears to be the most cheaper option Because Liverpool is about to sign love Aaron, Copa Mundial Colors at present there are 2 year contract with Liverpool Daniel agger is likely to be the main body position, he is open to move Agger is understood to be worth about 15 million euros, with Liverpool and Barcelona will use sign suarez to establish good relationship Barcelona sporting director zubizarreta believes agger can adapt to the team's tactical system, the player would appear in the position of central defender Agger himself has said publicly about losing position at Liverpool, Rogers sometimes prefer using a combination of Martin skrtel and nicolas sarkozy shondlayedr

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