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Melon handsome: several night back next game players will not play for a long time

Posted by [email protected] on August 4, 2014 at 11:25 PM

Bayern coach pep guardiola recently in an interview when talked about the next pre-season friendly against the MLS all-star team plans of choose and employ persons, he said some late return players will not get much playing time in the game.

At the time of interview, melon handsome said: inforcnbout Black Adidas Nitrocharge

"they will fly 12 hours, when they come, I will conversation with them, to see how they feel, how physical condition, training a total of how many times in the past three weeks, I think may be very few, this also is very normal, because this paragraph of time is to make everyone to temporarily forget football time, as for their next game at long time, depending on their wishes, perhaps 15 minutes, maybe longer." Black Adidas Nitrocharge

Bayern Munich several German international will soon came to Portland and the team, neuer, muller, bastian schweinsteiger, ram to pass the ce will be from Munich to fly to Portland, and Jerome directly from resort nearby to Florida, arjen robben and dent will also from the resort to respectively.

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