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Alonso to suffer from suspension, or for the European super cup

Posted by [email protected] on August 3, 2014 at 11:10 PM

Due to an early exit from the World Cup in Spain midfielder xabi alonso has opened his own holiday But he is still need to wait for the uefa about his penalty notice things from last season's champions league final, by accumulated New 2014 Soccer Shoes suspension alonso left the stands in the process of stand walked to the sidelines Game was already entered the stage of overtime after the bell came into the goal for real Madrid, alonso has been unable to suppress his excitement, he can't wait to run to the stadium to celebrate with my teammates, but forgot their behavior has violated the rules of the uefa Uefa will be announced on July 17 to alonso's penalty decision, although someone should call for alonso suspended for two games, but expect the possibility of a maximum And the suspension time is not clear, may be real Madrid champions league opener, the new season is also likely to real Madrid in August 12 European super cup against sevilla New 2014 Soccer Shoes includincesco

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