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Rogers: selling suarez does not mean Liverpool without ambition

Posted by John Jack on August 2, 2014 at 3:45 AM

Sold this summer, though, teams ace striker suarez, hypervenom blue but Liverpool boss Rogers, the cause of the trade more is the will of the player, rather than the red army to lack ambition. Suarez price for 75 million pounds from Liverpool this summer move to Barcelona, so some question whether they be a core club are willing to sell the team. This Rogers replied: "I don't think so, the big club sometimes lose players. wersapinted That is the reality, is life." "It's not because Liverpool last season, we have no ambition, on the issue of suarez has proved that, but it is the modern and modern football player agents. Liverpool is not a habit to sell core players, that's for sure. But sometimes you just lose your best players, and the key is after this, continue to plan a success." "(players) you can do is to introduce the club, nike hypervenom 2014 and we are in position. The current Liverpool were in a very healthy place. We between players and their agents and the attraction of the negotiations is proved that the Liverpool back. Now we only need to succeed, and that will help us to keep the player."

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