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Competition is intense, schalke two defenders or will leave the club

Posted by John Jack on August 1, 2014 at 5:00 AM

According to German newspaper bild reported in the press, Predator LZ 2014 now the bundesliga club schalke two defenders Greek players papadopoulos and Brazilian defender santana could leave the club, bayer leverkusen and Hamburg, respectively, for two people interested. Papadopoulos contract with the club until 2016, bayer leverkusen hope to get the Greek defender. The 28-year-old santana is Hamburg reinforcing of the important goals of the defence. Hamburg, bayer leverkusen and also want to loan the introduction of the two guards. Papadopoulos long plagued by injuries, his knee had had three surgical therapy, and absence of nearly 20 months. uncerhethteven Papadopoulos last season played 83 minutes for the team, only three brief substitute and starting at a time. Predator LZ II Bayer leverkusen wants to introduce papadopoulos, they believe that healthy papandreou will strengthen the team in the header as well as for defense links. The other a German side Hamburg wants on-loan Brazilian defender santana. Reportedly schalke, currently only two people willing to one of them to leave the club, the team manager, hale will determine who will eventually leave.

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