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Schedule Vows For Barcelona & Real Madrid Fans....

Posted by John Jack on July 25, 2014 at 4:45 AM

La Liga 2014-2015 season schedule has just released, Crampon Neymar 2014 Real Madrid and Barcelona are still fighting schedule affects a lot of people's hearts. For Suarez is concerned, whether the national derby debut in the first leg, broadcasters might want to take a look at the mood. Real Madrid will begin the new season at home against Barcelona, La Liga, according to arrangements, the game will be on October 25 日 or 26 日 performed. If the Court of Arbitration for Sport dismissed in mid-August Suarez complaint, then according to FIFA for its penalty, Suarez lifting from October 26 for the chance to play the game. Can now be sure, October 21 to 22 for the Champions League match day, so this might be inclined national derby on Sunday, Mercurial De Neymar 2014 which is held on the 26th. But in the Oct. 29, Real Madrid have a King's Cup 1/16 final fight, so Real Madrid may also be required in the 25th game. TV providers also need to have the right to give a final decision, which will directly affect whether Suarez in the first round of the national derby contest. But no matter what, Suarez will miss at least eight games in La Liga and three Champions League group stage. coachinpaff

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