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Schalke goalkeeper fellman interview: hope to maintain a high level of play

Posted by John Jack on July 24, 2014 at 4:30 AM

The bundesliga club schalke goalkeeper who play well, Ibrahimovic Hypervenom and help the team won the league third. Recently fellman interviewed schalke's official website, interview fellman said he hoped to be able to maintain a high level of play. How do you feel the team is located in Grassau training camp? The hotel is very good. Site condition is very good also, as a football player, but also much to what... ? We will therefore do good performance. I like the temperature, the temperature is not too high, if it doesn't rain so much the better. I have seen the weather forecast, the weather will get better. Sometimes in training float sporadic, a few drops of rain, the weather is very comfortable. Training in the birch tree trunks to do strength training... Is really a cool approach. Use it in the strength training, sometimes you don't realize, ertebraamage how much you can load in different practice. If we use a dumbbell, may be completely different (laughs). Sometimes I think I have a rock of talent. Football magazine "kicker" recently voted the second-half of last season's best goalkeeper, you behind the world's best goalkeeper neuer in second. Feel proud? Is a little bit. Your performance is recognized, this is a pretty good feeling, Zlatan Ibrahimovic Hypervenom I feel honored. It is also a kind of encourage for me, I want to continue second-half performance last season. I want to play to maintain a high level, to improve myself every day. What the next season, the team to achieve the goal? I think we still need to ensure that the champions league again. We have fresh blood injected, last season the injured players back to health, so we have more potential. But we have no detailed planning, it will have to wait until Mr. Wade, drax and huntelaar make plan after your return. One thing is very clear, every player for the team to achieve the best possible results. You have three new signings, Sam ji and choupo-moting phil's impression? The three boys is very suitable for us. Can feel that they are interested in schalke and team, they want to reach our goal with the team. The three players have finished working? Not yet, wait until the team are not complete complete. There will be a special ceremony in the team, but I won't say (smile). New signing phil is a goalkeeper, another goalkeeper wrong from the U19 reuter. Your relationship? Our relationship is very good. Each time we automatically all stand on both sides of the opposition, we can all take out good performance. This is very good also is particularly important. Under the present, we are very hit it off. So I suggest to set up a "goalkeeper cashbox", everyone will therefore cost saving, it has precedent in schalke. I think it's a good idea.

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