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The Barcelona for mathieu final offer of 20 million euros

Posted by John Jack on July 23, 2014 at 4:50 AM

According to a report by the Catalan radio, Crampon Neymar 2014 fc Barcelona for valencia defender mathieu final offer of 20 million euros. Although the beginning Barcelona do not intend to pay fee for the transfer of more than 15 million euros for mathieu, accomprents but according to a report by the Catalan radio, Barcelona in the last few hours changed his mind. Mathieu is understood to be ready to reduce his salary to contribute to the deal. Two clubs currently the only payment is not settled, valencia want Barcelona can use cash to pay, while Barcelona hope to payment by installment. Mathieu and valencia yesterday together with the other players in the training, Mercurial De Neymar 2014 he has also been 24 people in Latin America to participate in the preseason lists, valencia on Wednesday the team will head to Peru.

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