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The Net Is Sad....

Posted by Jeevan ॐ Mirthu Gupt on May 21, 2014 at 6:50 AM

When you fall in yourself and never come to realize that meet that special person who became, marking its presence in telinha almost every day.

The Net is sad when, the more you write, you can not shake a hand, wipe away a tear.

The Net is sad when people disappear from their small screen without explanation.

You know they are there because the lines cross, but does not know why his friend, the friend left yesterday to enjoy your virtual presence ...

And we know that charge is not in good taste.

The Net is sad when we can not see in the eyes of their loved ones
brightness that only allow meet face to face.The Net is sad when you hear someone say:

Ah ... but this is virtual, does not to take seriously! Then mean that the exchange of feelings, confidences, venting worthless?

They are not to be taken to Really?

The Net is sad when the prevailing law of the disengagement, the neutrality, the stations do not mix, as if we had two faces:

One facing the outside, which is where we should put down the feet, another facing the inside of the screen, as experienced second option of questionable and relative importance.

Well, the Net is so and will remain so. It is her nature to be immense,
gigantic, ocean, too.

It thins as the droplets lost in heavy sea.

We can never know which wave over strong that it will take away from us the droplets of friends, girlfriends, loves, affections that we would always keep us close together ...

Even without ever seeing them, even without ever having embraced them, even without
never wiped her tears, clenched his hands or wear glow their eyes.

And yet, there are thousands of people for whom the Net is not the second option but the only option for joy, learning, expression, exchange of affections, because their realities are too sad and colorless.

Do not want to be here a million friends!

Not practice the law of virtual disengagement.

Here have few affections, but are grown and become droplets that walk together and  inseparable, even in the face of this dimension that the ocean is still a miracle called Net.

--Fatima Irene Pinto

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