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Lord Ramacandra's Nrisimha-Panchamrita

Posted by Jeevan ॐ Mirthu Gupt on July 23, 2012 at 1:30 AM

ahobalam narasimham gatva ramah pratapavan

namaskutya sri nrisimham astaushit kamala patim


(The glorious Rama once visited Ahobala where He saw the Deity of Lord Nrisimha. He offered His obeisances to Lord Kamalapati (husband of the Goddess of Fortune) and prayed as follows:

1. Govinda keshava janardana vasudeva

vishvesha-vishva madhusudana vishvarupa

shri padmanabha purushottama pushkaraksha

narayanachyuta nrisimho namo namaste


O Govinda, Keshava, Janardana, Vasudeva, Vishvesha (the controller of the universe), Vishva, Madhusudana, Vishvarupa, Sri Padmanabha, Purushottama, Pushkaraksha, Narayana, Achyuta. O Lord Narasimha I offer my respectful obeisances unto You again and again.



2. Devah samastah khalu gopi mukhyaha

gandharva vidyadhara kinnarash cha

yat pada-mulam satatam namanti

tam narasimham sharanam gato shmi


I have taken shelter of Lord Nrisimha unto whose lotus feet demigods, prominent yogis, gandharvas, vidyadharas and kinnaras are constantly offering their obeisances.



3. Vedan samastan khalu shastragarbhan

vidyam balam kirtimatim cha lakshmim

yasya prasadat purusha labhante

tam narasimham sharanam gato shmi


I have taken shelter of Lord Nrisimha by whose mercy people receive all the Vedas, the essence of all scriptures, knowledge, strength, reputation and wealth.



4. Brahma shivas tvam purushottamash cha

narayano ‘shau marutam patish cha

chandrarka vayvagni marud-ganash cha

tvam eva tam tvam shatatam nato’shmi


You are Lord Brahma, Lord Shiva and the best person Lord Narayana. You are the master of the Marutas and You are the sun, the moon, air and the fire as well as the Marut-ganas. I offer my obeisances unto You.



5. Snapne’pi nitya jagatam ashesam

srashta cha hanta vibhura prabheyaha

trata tvam eka strividho vibinnaha

tam tvam nrisimham satatam nato’smi


I offer my obeisances unto Lord Nrisimha who is the creator, the maintainer and the destroyer of the entire universe. Although You perform all of these three acts simultaneously, You are completely beyond these activities. You are the all-pervading, unlimited supreme spirit.



Iti stutva raghushreshthaha

pujayamasa tam harim

pushpa vrishtih papatashu

tasya devasya murdhani


Praying this way, the best of the Raghus, Lord Ramacandra worshipped Lord Hari. At that time the demigods showered a rain of flowers on the head of Lord Nrisimhadeva.



Raghavena kutam stotram

panchamrita manuktamam

pathanti ye dvijavaraha

tesham svargastu shashvataha


This is the best of prayers, called pancamrita or five nectars compiled by Lord Rama Himself. One who reads this will be liberated eternally.

(These prayers are from the 47th chapter of the Harivamsa Purana which narrates the story of Lord Ramacandra’s visit to the holy place of Ahobalam to see the Deity of Nrisimha, where Lord Nrisimha appeared and saved His devotee Prahlada.)



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