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Depression 101: A Practical Guide To Treatments, Self-Help Strategies & Preventing Relapse...

Posted by Jeevan ॐ Mirthu Gupt on July 9, 2012 at 2:20 PM
Depression 101:
A Practical Guide to Treatments, Self-Help Strategies, and Preventing Relapse

Authors:- John D. Preston Psy.D., ABPP, Melissa Kirk

     When you have depression, it can feel like there's no way out. TO BEGIN changing the way you feel, you'll need an arsenal of proven techniques for lifting your mood and preventing relapse. The pocket-sized Depression 101 distills the most effective cognitive behavioral therapy skills available for treating DEPRESSION into seven manageable chapters. Soon, you'll find the way out of depression and into a healthier, happier life.


*Discover simple lifestyle changes that can make a huge difference*

*Build self-esteem and resilience*

*Find out how medications and therapy can help*

*Learn how to choose the right therapist*

…the perfect book to recommend to friends, family, and clients who are struggling with depression. It's concise, easy to understand, and full of helpful information.

-Jeffrey C. Wood, Psy.D., clinical psychologist, author of Getting Help

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