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The unheard Prayer

Posted by Joyan Tharakan on December 20, 2011 at 2:10 PM

He used to pray as a child “God please not let me awake and see the next day”. At that time his only prayer was to bring his death soon, he had a reason; an abusive mother, stressful school, and nobody to understand him. He started loving the darkness of the night. Cold breeze was the only one there to hug him at night and listened to his vain.

He grew up, and then he met her. She was like an angel; she listened to him, she gave him the caring of a mother, comfort of a sister, love of a lover. Then he prayed “Dear God I love my life now, now I understand why you never heard my other prayer, because you where saving me for her, now my prayer is to you is, please let her stay with me like this till the day u take me away from this world”. However, she left him in few months to a place that she can never come back. His god took her first. May be he likes his angels near him rather than being with a soul in earth. He looked in heavens and prayed “God please take me too, let me be with her”, but the only replay he got was from nature, strong water drops from the sky, it was the cold December rain. The water drops hide his tears from the world.

Years went by, and then he met her. She had his angels’ eyes, but she was more like a butterfly than an angel. She flew around him and showed him the beauty of the nature, and she made him believe that he’s the only flower that she likes to sit on. He prayed to his God “Dear God thank you for giving me a new hope for my life, a new meaning for this lonely life, please don’t let my butter fly leave me like my angel left. Let me be her guardian angel, take my half-life so that she’ll live longer”. Life is never fair, and happy endings are only in stories that he heard and read; he realized that his butterfly likes to be a butterfly and she likes to go and sit on other flowers and taste them too, but he never gave up on her because he believed in true love. He thought she’ll realize it one day and will be back to him; therefore he never told her that he knew she is seeing other flowers. His thoughts and prayers where for nothing, she completely left him and went for other flowers.

He still prays to his God, his first prayer “God please not let me awake and see the next day”.

There are other unheard prayers…….!


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Reply Joyan Tharakan
3:39 PM on December 20, 2011 
Reply Mathew Samuel
2:29 PM on December 20, 2011 
The one unheard prayer that comes to my mind is "Lord, if possible, take this cup away from me" I thank God everyday that prayer was not answered - because that unanswered prayer made the Cross possible, which is why I have hope today. God's silence is often for our blessing as the Calvary shows. (from my Christian background)