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Media: hoeness for heart problems go to hospital for treatment

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According to German media reports, Crampon Neymar 2014 is currently in prison, the former bayern chairman hoeness because heart problems last week day went to hospital for treatment. Former bayern chairman because of tax problems are currently located in Germany landsberg prison, rgentinbout but hoeness reportedly because of heart problem was taken to the clinic is located in shi tarn berger's lake treatment. Mercurial De Neymar 2014 But the current treatment situation has not been reported. After recovery, hoeness will return to prison.

Door with new signing: I hope to have a chance to be included in the national team

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Did well last season in Germany midfielder Hahn briefly in the German national team, Crampon Galaxy but in the end did not follow the team to the World Cup. Recently in an interview, said he hoped to return to England, and fit for euro 2016. New season Hahn will represent the bundesliga side door and glide to play Bach, Crampon Mercurial Galaxy rgentinbout when it comes to the goal of the new season Hahn said, "the Europa league is the reason why I decided to join the door xing." Hahn hope the team at least six before the new season to keep, and can continue to gain European qualification. "Again such ranking should be our goal." Another Hahn hope to national team again, "I hope that I can get a new chance to the squad. The moment everyone is yearning."

Football magazine: Austin, will cost Arsenal in 4 million

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"L 'equipe quoted media news, Mercurial Futsal 2014 says Arsenal have Austin, transfer and nice agreement. The Columbia goalkeeper will move to the gunners with a net worth of 4 million euros.  The 25-year-old osborne, is the number one goalkeeper in nice team. In order to move to Arsenal he has pushed out two copies of the invitation, a from Mexico, the other by the Spanish giants valencia, Nike Bomba 2014.  After the move to the emirates stadium, traditioatrong, he will compete and jean,.

Biography: Liverpool have agreed to reach an agreement with Southampton

Posted by John Jack on July 21, 2014 at 4:55 AM Comments comments (0) reports that Liverpool have rove transfer reached an agreement with Southampton, Botas Cristiano Ronaldo 2014 and they are expected to officially joined the central defenders in the next few days. And the media the Croatian Sportske Novosti, also think the deal is completed. The 25-year-old defender is the first target of the Liverpool defence signings this summer, traditioatrong but they had a £ 20 million bid were refused by the Southampton. But the news that the red army on the issue of rove Aaron transfer has made breakthrough progress, now the deal is expected to be finished quickly. And the media the Croatian Sportske Novosti news, rove Aaron will officially move to Liverpool with a net worth £ 20 million in the next few days.  He will work with the merseyside team, signing a four-year contract.   Mercurial Cristiano Ronaldo 2014 The central defender will fly to the United States, to meet the Liverpool manager Rogers and his new team-mates.

It was captain he joined spartak Moscow Russia

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Russia was captain he joined spartak Moscow from zenit, Mercurial Futsal 2014 signed a contract for two years. Herodias, 33, Krakow, midfielder was twice elected Russian footballer of the year. Netherltroneam For the Russian team scored 12 goals in 41 games due to injury missed the World Cup in Brazil. Nike Bomba 2014 Before the transfer in zenit for six seasons. Spartak Moscow last season ranked the sixth.

J lo | Monaco phase rodrigo or Monday to join real Madrid

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Aspen newspaper said, Hypervenom Amarillos citing the l 'equipe news ha mace - rodriguez may will be joining real Madrid next Monday, is looking for a replacement for benfica and Monaco rodrigo. "L 'equipe said rodriguez will reach 90 million euro. Real Madrid players are negotiating with Monaco in the deal. In addition to real Madrid di maria may be joined with a net worth of 60 million euros, Paris st germain. Monaco, meanwhile, will fly to Miami, with Colombia on July 23 giants to make a game, Netherltroneam national athletic when rodriguez is unlikely to appear in the league. Monaco boss jas's ask to sign on our team benfica rodrigo. Nike Hypervenom Amarillas The former real Madrid team B midfielder is big benfica won the treble last season, he could reach 30 million euro. Rodrigo ownership belongs to the valencia boss Peter lim, who deliberately took him to the mestalla.

FIFA WORLD CUP 2014 : Return of the Champions, the German team in Berlin with fans celebrate the win

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In celebration when the players in training camp room group meet fans came to the stage, Mercurial 2014 World Cup it is reported that the players was simple rehearsed beforehand and the fans meet way, including the muller group way don't have idea Other schalke star drax le in stage does not forget poking fun at Derby rivals Dortmund midfielder gross Chloe, CR7 Mercurial 2014 gross before Chloe, accused by fans attacked with a Turkey barbecue fan, the drax le also sang a song on the stage The songs of the barbecue Other German pop singer fisher (Helene Fischer) Germany shirt for fans brought a Atmenlos durch die Nacht will whole atmosphere to a climax hiwriterion

ASHLEY cole to Rome, and jose mourinho peace break up

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ASHLEY cole to Rome, and jose mourinho peace break up

In the way on a free transfer from Chelsea after joining roma, Adidas Predator Instinct ASHLEY cole for a new challenge is full of excitement The 33-year-old left-back has ended his premier league career, will appear in the schedule of the new season, his life full of expectation of Italy Appeared in the conference, cole said: "England players feel more comfortable in the UK Now I have the opportunity to try different environment, different culture and way of life When I communicate with rudi Garcia, I just feel their sincerity, so I seized the opportunity I keep a good relationship with jose mourinho has been, New Adidas Predator 2014 but I have not in his plans for I come here just to participate in the champions league Rome is a very ambitious club, this is a challenge for me, I will fight for my place I hope we can get something special for next season, and win the serie a ASHLEY cole at Arsenal and Chelsea have won the league title, hiwriterion

FIFA WORLD CUP 2014 : Pep guardiola congratulates the German team

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Win the World Cup as Germany's final drops the curtain, Crampons Mercurial 2014 while bayern coach pep guardiola said German national team win. In Germany in the final against Argentina in the starting line-up, with six players from the bundesliga club bayern Munich. Pep guardiola has to send to congratulate his own disciples, "the achievement of Germany's surprise, Nouvel Mercurial 2014 difficuplor my congratulations to all of my players, as well as Germany coach joachim loew. Enjoy the World Cup triumph, Germany win."


German football association chairman: as national team coach joachim loew will continue

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Low led by the German national team win the championship in the World Cup, Hypervenom 2 a German football association chairman nils Bach (Niersbach) is also determined as Germany coach joachim loew will continue. After the victory over Argentina, loew himself did not make clear your own future. difficuplor But the German football association chairman nils Bach confirm loew will continue to stay, he said that "I can't find the other coach can like low, New Hypervenom Neymar joachim low will lead the national team in France's euro 2016."

Double happiness! Neuer gold glove award won the World Cup

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Germany's final wish to lift the trophy in the maracana, Crampons Mercurial 2014 four-star Germany was born, and the German goalkeeper neuer is a good thing in pairs, he won the World Cup gold glove award Neuer lost game 7 of the communist party of China in the World Cup 4 ball, not to throw the ball the fewest goalkeeper, but this does not affect his performance to become the World Cup the best goalkeeper in the game against Algeria, embodiment of scavenger neuer became Germany's winning of the weight, Nouvel Mercurial 2014 performanournament while his two goals in the knockout stages are also appear in the moment of the team to secure the basic performance and stable neuer is undoubtedly the most powerful guarantee of German chariot way Neuer finally lifted the trophy should be able to make up for the kahn and won the golden ball and slightly golden gloves finished second only to regret it


FIFA WORLD CUP 2014 : J. Rodriguez, with six goals wins the World Cup golden boot

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As rizzo, blew the final whistle, Adidas Predator Instinct 2014 Brazil World Cup final, Germany did lift the trophy With the World Cup at the same time also produces the golden boot winner of the tournament, J rodriguez eventually won the World Cup golden boot with six goals This is the first time J rodriguez on the World Cup, even though he's Columbia team by Brazil in the semi-finals, but J - with his excellent play to fans around the world a huge surprise The football star in the World Cup has been a total of 6 balls, performanournament three goals in the tournament has scored three goals in the knockout phase, New Adidas Predator 2014 of which 2 degrees on brace J - ROM is lineker and salenko after another player who will win the golden boot in four of six goals is also following cristiano ronaldo in 02 korea-japan World Cup with 8 goals from 12 goals for the first time more than five years after the World Cup golden boot golden ball and J - ronaldo scored in the match against Uruguay that a wonderful World Cup is the best tournament goal contenders DE

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FIFA WORLD CUP 2014 : Jose Mourinho - Lionel Messi is very good, but not the best ever

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Recently, 2014 World Cup Shoes the Chelsea manager jose mourinho said messi is great, but not a football player, even though he all the best in the World Cup final win also can not change it In the World Cup, Argentina with the help of the macy's way to the final In front of macy's and now has a chance to repeat maradona was great For messi, traininround mourinho said he is a fantastic player, but not football history best: I think he is very good He doesn't need the World Cup to prove it, and in the absence of the World Cup, he also is nearly 10 years, World Cup Cleats 2014 an enough to bounds But for me, he is not in the history of the best for the final weekend, mourinho said: German midfielder is very, very much, because they have schweinsteiger, sami khedira and cross, in addition, every chapter and muller also often sitting, they can often have four or five players in midfield This is a German counterparts, through which they can control the ball, in the Lord

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FIFA WORLD CUP 2014 : Italian referee to officiate in the final between Germany & Argentina

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FIFA, Hypervenom 2 announced that the Italian referee for law enforcement to Germany against Argentina in the final, 42, the world was born in bologna, law enforcement in the World Cup in Spain for the Dutch group for Argentina, Nigeria and Argentina 1/8 finals match with Belgium in 2007 to become an international referee, traininround have law enforcement 2010 atletico Madrid's champions league cup final against fulham, bayern for borussia Dortmund in 2013 and the champions league final in the world to participate in the club World Cup in 2011 he took part in the euro 2012 enforcement, New Hypervenom Neymar including Spain to the quarter-finals of the French in 2013, he participated in the Turkish U20 tournament's law enforcement will be the assistant referee is the same as in the final, 44, walter, and justice The fourth official by Ecuador to carlos Vela as the world is the third law enforcement in World Cup history final Italian After sergio gori in law enforcement in 1978 Argentina to the final of the Dutch famous bald referee pierluigi collina officiated finals Brazil to Germany in 2002


FIFA WORLD CUP 2014 : Locker room naked man celebrates victory alone lack of Lionel messi Jackson was pumping test alone make merry

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The 2014 World Cup semi-final in Sao Paulo arena for game 2, New Running Shoes 2014 Argentina 4-2 on penalties out both sides finished goalless draw at 120 minutes, injuronternal in the Netherlands romero respectively in penalty saved and sneijder injection of penalty Argentina into the final 24 years later will war Germany for messi this World Cup semi-final, not proud of his career, but he doesn't care about: he helped Argentina to qualify the World Cup final, the last time the pampas eagle to enter the final 1990 era of diego maradona Lionel messi in the penalty shoot-out against the Netherlands completed their own score, Best Running Shoe 2014 but messi's celebration time not so long as he wants, because he was asking for FIFA doping test after the game Waiting for the testing process, messi only relive the joy of the victory, alone in his personal drying out on the sets of photographs, to win the credit of his teammates, I was called to the doping test, cannot enjoy the happy time in the locker room I for myself


FIFA World Cup 2014 : Pepe foolhardy? Smarter than costa A public is a good man

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Fortunate than costa pepe, F50 World Cup 2014 who is the hometown arago Arnold's fourth World Cup international, the former three are respectively 1958 dida and Mr Gallo, injuronternal 1962 cabello wave costa and pepe, are the most basic football training in Brazil, also started his career in Portugal But the emotional intelligence is much less than the pepe costa, pepe in Europe to bear greater pressure than costa earlier, although he seems foolhardy, World Cup Cleats 2014 on the field in terms of how to deal with the motherland, injuronternal pepe is very real and smart He doesn't like costa, in luiz felipe scolari after snubbing a disrespect, appears to be out boss despise, actually we have sinned against his own country fans Pepe has always stressed his own from Brazil, also has been enthusiastic about the motherland, except in a Portugal shirt, his heart has been belong to Brazil Brazilian for naturalization players are very familiar with, even the judo wasn't too keen in Brazil, world judo championships held last year in Rio DE janeiro has seven Brazilian players representing foreign out


FIFA WORLD CUP 2014 : Recover very fast! In maldives has been able to walk normally

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In the quarter-finals with Colombia, omar badly on a stretcher, CR7 Special Edition after the vertebrae burst damage, was diagnosed with the third quarter with a spinal cord injury within the Brazilian players say goodbye to the World Cup early marr has returned in Sao Paulo, healing and accomplishment, the home of his injury also affects the hearts of fans. , according to ESPN and the aspen reported his recovery speed fast, Brazil's star has been able to walk normally, in aspen newspaper posted a video display, in his friend accompanied by walking in their own backyard villa, his look was not affected by the injury, Mercurial Limited Edition uthilhydsical and also made the action of the pretend to header and believe in the maldives soon can return to the pitch.

FIFA WORLD CUP 2014 : There is love! Dortmund midfielder invited clubs driver to Brazil to watch

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According to a report by the bild, World Cup Shoes 2014 borussia Dortmund in Germany international gross izz has done a very warm heart, he invited borussia Dortmund club bus driver came to Brazil to watch the three group of Germany. And other players with his wife, girlfriend or parents came to Brazil, borussia Dortmund midfielder mascherano gross izz invited club coach driver Christian Schulz came to Brazil to watch, and paid for his three German group tickets, hotel accommodation, the cost of the plane ticket back and forth, why would he do that? Schulz said: "Kevin and I are both borussia Dortmund, we have known each other for three years, Mercurial 2014 World Cup uthilhydsical I am very happy that he invited me to watch the World Cup in Brazil." But unfortunately, gross izz has not yet come on stage in Brazil. Currently, Schulz has returned from Brazil borussia Dortmund, because as more than the beginning of the new season to prepare for work, his work is started, now he will be in Austria kirchhoff berg (Dortmund camp is located) to continue driving coach for the team.

Official: hull city and England winger small ince signed 2 years

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Hull city at the club's official website announced that they had officially signed England winger young Tom ince, CR7 Special Edition the two sides signed a two-year contract. With Blackpool's contract expires, the 22-year-old winger has attracted the attention of many clubs. Including the serie a giants inter milan. However after held talks with hull city, small ince joining the tiger was finally chosen. The youth wing trotters debuted in Liverpool, because in the Liverpool first-team opportunities hard, he in August 2011 formally joined the Blackpool. The son of the former England star Paul ince for the move, said: "I am very looking forward to the challenges of the future, this will be my first full season." "I took my ambition to hull city, stepped into the club at that moment, talkinughing I felt the long-term plan for the future here, I'm glad to be here. I believe I have proven themselves in the champions league, and my next step is the premier league. Mercurial Limited Edition I believe that joining the hull city at the moment is the right step to me."

Biography: Newcastle defender Derby and has passed the Arsenal medical

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According to, New Nike Magista Newcastle defender Derby has accepted the Arsenal medical, the gunners is expected soon to sign the French international price of 10 million euros. Between the two clubs had agreed a fee for the transfer of the player, Arsenal's plans to sign the Derby to replace already move to Manchester city's another French star sagna. The 28-year-old defender has revealed on Friday, talkinughing he was with the north London club. The terms of the deal at the weekend have been finalized, Nike Magista Cleats then Derby when accepted the Arsenal medical on Monday night. The deal is only written procedures, so it is possible that the gunners in the next few days the official announced the French defender.