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Torino striker cher formally submitted a transfer request

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Torino President in an interview to confirm, neymar hypervenom world cup the team striker cher, has put forward the transfer request to the club, he is currently considering multiple transfer option. The news that Arsenal is one of them. It is understood that the club would like to sell 20 million euros (16 million pounds), milliopodtunds the Italian international team President carol said: "Chelsea's transfer is still there may be, he has been asked to leave. At present, we still have 4 days in the transfer window closes, so we'll see what happens." "Of course I will is keep cher, but we will try to find solutions act for everyone. I have already told him that I, as long as the receiving enough quotation, the team will sell him." After it emerged that AC milan are also very want to sign a incised, strange, this carol said: hypervenom world cup 2014 "milan was out of Arsenal? He has a lot of choice."

Telecom cup: lai wan li berry, bayern 7-6 door

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Deutsche telekom cup in a semi-final battle in the end, the 2-2 draw with bayern Munich and gate and conventional time, bayern 5-4 win a penalty shootout final success, they are in the final, will be eliminated in Hamburg wolfsburg lai wan's first-half goal scoring, New Football Boots 2015 second-half franck ribery goal help bayern a two-goal lead, then the door and rely on the two penalty equaliser penalties lafite, and Max's shot was saved, sudden death phase, martinez to resist pressure scored from the penalty spot, cobb's shot was beam off, bayern thrilling promotion Focus lens: 29 rhode single-pole have lobbed home levante opening record of 34 'franck ribery has a wide continuous finish corner 42' bard figure bell box handball, Soccer Cleats 2015 g lowther scoring 59 'martinez foul penalty area, g LuZeMei open two degrees cloignkinson

The western media: cristiano ronaldo has become favourites uefa best player

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Local time on Thursday, uefa European player of the final three will be released 2013/2014 season's list List published in the previous 10 National People's Congress, in addition to cristiano ronaldo, the other nine players into the candidate list are: diego - costa Mr Muller neuer robben messi suarez di maria on August 28, the mace - rodriguez, uefa will be held in Monaco draw for the champions league group stages of the season, Mercurial CR7 2014 before this will be a vote for player uefa winners, uefa best player selection are voted for by 53 sports journalists, Nike Football Shoes 2014 every journalist from uefa's member states This will be the fourth uefa best player award ceremony, the previous three uefa best player respectively is messi iniesta franck ribery aspen report points out that real Madrid players ronaldo is currently the favourites for the uefa best player

Ramos: real Madrid this season new signing players are very well

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After the win the European super cup, CR7 Gold Shoes real Madrid defender sergio ramos said with a new title to start a new season is very good, is real Madrid deserved the victory. Ramos said: "in such a way to start the new season is very good, the game played a very intense, we seized the opportunity. In addition, I am happy for individual play, keep clean sheets. The team is unity, victory we deserve it." When it comes to real Madrid's new signings, ramos commented: "real Madrid can always signing great players, buathepreciate our signings are very wise, some very strong new players." For pressure, ramos said: "in the football world, and in the history of real Madrid, there is always such a pressure. Mercurial Gold I would like to dedicate this victory to my family, my wife and son, and all real fans and Antonio puerta."

Carol's arrival - nawaz, two real Madrid goalkeeper career come to an end

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Real Madrid announced signing from levante carol - nawaz, Mercurial 2015 this news as if sound the death knell for a sound, the current number one goalkeeper diego lopez of real Madrid and struggling iker casillas - may be the end of his career to real Madrid This article is to 27, 6 feet tall the whole weight of 172 pounds of costa rica goalkeeper nawaz conduct a comprehensive look at the advantages of nawaz In levante had an outstanding season, then at the World Cup is reminiscent of his countryman luis coney huo legendary goalkeeper (costa rica), New Nike Mercurial 2015 navas now is regarded as one of the world's best shot-stopper According to the statistics, Squawka nawaz saves every 90 minutes last season went confiscated and boxing ball number is very surprising, far more than the lopez and iker casillas anterviitild

Arsenal and Barcelona have reached consensus on vermaelen a fee

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Manchester city coach Manuel pellegrini insists the club sign sagna and frank lampard's action was completely conform to the rules Arsenal manager arsene wenger questioned before Manchester city through their sister club on loan to get lampard is a violation of the New York City financial fairness, Manchester city due to violation of financial fair principle in May this year received punishment, Cristiano Ronaldo Galaxy uefa about frank lampard's contract, wenger said: is this a bypass financial fairness method? I don't know arsene wenger believes Manchester city at the same time before contact sagna has for a long time, he claimed that the transaction to determine early soon the debate in the community shield Manuel pellegrini pre-match press conference, when asked whether these transactions through the normal procedure operation, her handsome said: I think it is Manuel pellegrini also admitted he was surprised at arsene wenger's comments, CR7 Galaxy Mercurial he said: I think as a coach, your team have enough problems need to be solved, should not to talk about other teams The only thing I can say is Manchester city now anterviitild

Biography: continue reinforcing defence, Barcelona again target agger

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Barcelona again targeting the Liverpool defender Daniel agger, Copa Mundial Samba Blue who had expressed his leave the idea of the red army Spanish media Daily dello sport Barcelona to sign dismounted, the difficulty of gini Austin is still very big, the Spanish giants to reconsider his signings object Ajax midfielder blinder and tottenham defender phil tong heng are potential targets, transfer fee but agger appears to be the most cheaper option Because Liverpool is about to sign love Aaron, Copa Mundial Colors at present there are 2 year contract with Liverpool Daniel agger is likely to be the main body position, he is open to move Agger is understood to be worth about 15 million euros, with Liverpool and Barcelona will use sign suarez to establish good relationship Barcelona sporting director zubizarreta believes agger can adapt to the team's tactical system, the player would appear in the position of central defender Agger himself has said publicly about losing position at Liverpool, Rogers sometimes prefer using a combination of Martin skrtel and nicolas sarkozy shondlayedr

Media: the last signing medel is heading to inter

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According to reports in Italy, Cardiff city midfielder medel is on his way to inter club. new adidas nitrocharge 2014 It is understood that he was joining inter procedure to complete a move to milan.

Media said the inter has reached 9 million euros and Cardiff city bonuses transfer agreement. This makes the latter agrees to the Chile international joined the SAN siro.

Now, FcInterNews. It website, medel has departed for milan. And after arrived at inter milan headquarters, new adidas nitrocharge 2014 inforcnbout to discuss personal terms with the team, then complete the signing of the final.


Melon handsome: several night back next game players will not play for a long time

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Bayern coach pep guardiola recently in an interview when talked about the next pre-season friendly against the MLS all-star team plans of choose and employ persons, he said some late return players will not get much playing time in the game.

At the time of interview, melon handsome said: inforcnbout Black Adidas Nitrocharge

"they will fly 12 hours, when they come, I will conversation with them, to see how they feel, how physical condition, training a total of how many times in the past three weeks, I think may be very few, this also is very normal, because this paragraph of time is to make everyone to temporarily forget football time, as for their next game at long time, depending on their wishes, perhaps 15 minutes, maybe longer." Black Adidas Nitrocharge

Bayern Munich several German international will soon came to Portland and the team, neuer, muller, bastian schweinsteiger, ram to pass the ce will be from Munich to fly to Portland, and Jerome directly from resort nearby to Florida, arjen robben and dent will also from the resort to respectively.

Alonso to suffer from suspension, or for the European super cup

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Due to an early exit from the World Cup in Spain midfielder xabi alonso has opened his own holiday But he is still need to wait for the uefa about his penalty notice things from last season's champions league final, by accumulated New 2014 Soccer Shoes suspension alonso left the stands in the process of stand walked to the sidelines Game was already entered the stage of overtime after the bell came into the goal for real Madrid, alonso has been unable to suppress his excitement, he can't wait to run to the stadium to celebrate with my teammates, but forgot their behavior has violated the rules of the uefa Uefa will be announced on July 17 to alonso's penalty decision, although someone should call for alonso suspended for two games, but expect the possibility of a maximum And the suspension time is not clear, may be real Madrid champions league opener, the new season is also likely to real Madrid in August 12 European super cup against sevilla New 2014 Soccer Shoes includincesco

If vidal move to old trafford, bayer leverkusen will benefit from it

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According to the German newspaper bild reported in the press, F50 Samba the current Juventus field general vidal are close to a move to premier league Manchester united, and if the transfer success than the bundesliga side bayer leverkusen's former club will also benefit from it. According to German media, bild reported united new coach Louis van gaal hope to sign the vidal anyway. United contrast total quotation by 43 million euros to 60 million euros, and vidal provide a four-year contract. F50 Messi 2014 If the deal is successful, wersapinted the bundesliga side bayer leverkusen, vidal's former club will also benefit, bayer leverkusen or can benefit from 1.5 million to 2 million euros. Vidal was between 2007 and 2011 for bayer leverkusen, is by 10-11 league runner-up team important hero.

Rogers: selling suarez does not mean Liverpool without ambition

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Sold this summer, though, teams ace striker suarez, hypervenom blue but Liverpool boss Rogers, the cause of the trade more is the will of the player, rather than the red army to lack ambition. Suarez price for 75 million pounds from Liverpool this summer move to Barcelona, so some question whether they be a core club are willing to sell the team. This Rogers replied: "I don't think so, the big club sometimes lose players. wersapinted That is the reality, is life." "It's not because Liverpool last season, we have no ambition, on the issue of suarez has proved that, but it is the modern and modern football player agents. Liverpool is not a habit to sell core players, that's for sure. But sometimes you just lose your best players, and the key is after this, continue to plan a success." "(players) you can do is to introduce the club, nike hypervenom 2014 and we are in position. The current Liverpool were in a very healthy place. We between players and their agents and the attraction of the negotiations is proved that the Liverpool back. Now we only need to succeed, and that will help us to keep the player."

Borussia Dortmund midfielder shaheen ruled out for three weeks because of tendinitis

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The bundesliga club borussia Dortmund midfielder exercise in training this week four recurrent tendinitis left the training ground ahead of schedule, Neymar JR Shoes reportedly shaheen will miss three weeks, very willing to miss the bundesliga in the first round of competition. Shaheen is affected by the knee lateral tendinitis, according to reports in the exercise before return to team training for three weeks of recovery treatment. So exercise is likely to miss the team on August 16, the German cup game against Stuttgart kicker and on August 23, uncerhethteven the bundesliga club first round against bayer leverkusen. Shaheen is now leave the club, Hypervenom Neymar JR according to borussia Dortmund team in Switzerland, Della's training ground, he will travel to Munich examined by a knee injury.

Competition is intense, schalke two defenders or will leave the club

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According to German newspaper bild reported in the press, Predator LZ 2014 now the bundesliga club schalke two defenders Greek players papadopoulos and Brazilian defender santana could leave the club, bayer leverkusen and Hamburg, respectively, for two people interested. Papadopoulos contract with the club until 2016, bayer leverkusen hope to get the Greek defender. The 28-year-old santana is Hamburg reinforcing of the important goals of the defence. Hamburg, bayer leverkusen and also want to loan the introduction of the two guards. Papadopoulos long plagued by injuries, his knee had had three surgical therapy, and absence of nearly 20 months. uncerhethteven Papadopoulos last season played 83 minutes for the team, only three brief substitute and starting at a time. Predator LZ II Bayer leverkusen wants to introduce papadopoulos, they believe that healthy papandreou will strengthen the team in the header as well as for defense links. The other a German side Hamburg wants on-loan Brazilian defender santana. Reportedly schalke, currently only two people willing to one of them to leave the club, the team manager, hale will determine who will eventually leave.

UK media: Chelsea for luca libraries were priced at 30 million pounds

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According to The Daily Telegraph reported, Samba Copa Mundial Chelsea striker luca libraries were priced at 30 million pounds for the team, and a strong stance, at the same time they have asked the striker back on Wednesday. Everton is very hope to formal signing the striker, therefore they opened a contains various variable bonus, a total of 23 million pounds. Luca library and I also would like to return to the toffees, he was last season on loan at goodison park. 30 million Chelsea want to get in return, however, they have asked the Belgian international back to the team, energettness to participate in Chelsea's pre-season preparation in the Netherlands. Now everton can only hope to be able to reached a compromise agreement with the blues, or convince high rent for the third consecutive season at Stamford bridge luca library. At the same time, Samba Predator LZ wolfsburg and Juventus are interested in the striker. And according to the Spanish media, real Madrid are also looking at luka library.

Schedule Vows For Barcelona & Real Madrid Fans....

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La Liga 2014-2015 season schedule has just released, Crampon Neymar 2014 Real Madrid and Barcelona are still fighting schedule affects a lot of people's hearts. For Suarez is concerned, whether the national derby debut in the first leg, broadcasters might want to take a look at the mood. Real Madrid will begin the new season at home against Barcelona, La Liga, according to arrangements, the game will be on October 25 日 or 26 日 performed. If the Court of Arbitration for Sport dismissed in mid-August Suarez complaint, then according to FIFA for its penalty, Suarez lifting from October 26 for the chance to play the game. Can now be sure, October 21 to 22 for the Champions League match day, so this might be inclined national derby on Sunday, Mercurial De Neymar 2014 which is held on the 26th. But in the Oct. 29, Real Madrid have a King's Cup 1/16 final fight, so Real Madrid may also be required in the 25th game. TV providers also need to have the right to give a final decision, which will directly affect whether Suarez in the first round of the national derby contest. But no matter what, Suarez will miss at least eight games in La Liga and three Champions League group stage. coachinpaff

Reinforcements regression, Royce first personal training after injury

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Borussia Dortmund midfielder Royce was injured before the World Cup, Crampon Neymar 2014 regret also miss Brazil World Cup this summer. But the borussia Dortmund ushered in the good news, this week Royce finally returned to personal training for the first time after the injury. Royce Germany before the World Cup warm-up match against Armenia ankle ligament tear, ertebraamage sorry to miss this summer's World Cup. According to German media reported the news of the ruhr, on Tuesday and Wednesday Royce have come to the team completed the training run. Mercurial De Neymar 2014 Royce in the middle of September is expected returned from injury to action.

Schalke goalkeeper fellman interview: hope to maintain a high level of play

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The bundesliga club schalke goalkeeper who play well, Ibrahimovic Hypervenom and help the team won the league third. Recently fellman interviewed schalke's official website, interview fellman said he hoped to be able to maintain a high level of play. How do you feel the team is located in Grassau training camp? The hotel is very good. Site condition is very good also, as a football player, but also much to what... ? We will therefore do good performance. I like the temperature, the temperature is not too high, if it doesn't rain so much the better. I have seen the weather forecast, the weather will get better. Sometimes in training float sporadic, a few drops of rain, the weather is very comfortable. Training in the birch tree trunks to do strength training... Is really a cool approach. Use it in the strength training, sometimes you don't realize, ertebraamage how much you can load in different practice. If we use a dumbbell, may be completely different (laughs). Sometimes I think I have a rock of talent. Football magazine "kicker" recently voted the second-half of last season's best goalkeeper, you behind the world's best goalkeeper neuer in second. Feel proud? Is a little bit. Your performance is recognized, this is a pretty good feeling, Zlatan Ibrahimovic Hypervenom I feel honored. It is also a kind of encourage for me, I want to continue second-half performance last season. I want to play to maintain a high level, to improve myself every day. What the next season, the team to achieve the goal? I think we still need to ensure that the champions league again. We have fresh blood injected, last season the injured players back to health, so we have more potential. But we have no detailed planning, it will have to wait until Mr. Wade, drax and huntelaar make plan after your return. One thing is very clear, every player for the team to achieve the best possible results. You have three new signings, Sam ji and choupo-moting phil's impression? The three boys is very suitable for us. Can feel that they are interested in schalke and team, they want to reach our goal with the team. The three players have finished working? Not yet, wait until the team are not complete complete. There will be a special ceremony in the team, but I won't say (smile). New signing phil is a goalkeeper, another goalkeeper wrong from the U19 reuter. Your relationship? Our relationship is very good. Each time we automatically all stand on both sides of the opposition, we can all take out good performance. This is very good also is particularly important. Under the present, we are very hit it off. So I suggest to set up a "goalkeeper cashbox", everyone will therefore cost saving, it has precedent in schalke. I think it's a good idea.

The Barcelona for mathieu final offer of 20 million euros

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According to a report by the Catalan radio, Crampon Neymar 2014 fc Barcelona for valencia defender mathieu final offer of 20 million euros. Although the beginning Barcelona do not intend to pay fee for the transfer of more than 15 million euros for mathieu, accomprents but according to a report by the Catalan radio, Barcelona in the last few hours changed his mind. Mathieu is understood to be ready to reduce his salary to contribute to the deal. Two clubs currently the only payment is not settled, valencia want Barcelona can use cash to pay, while Barcelona hope to payment by installment. Mathieu and valencia yesterday together with the other players in the training, Mercurial De Neymar 2014 he has also been 24 people in Latin America to participate in the preseason lists, valencia on Wednesday the team will head to Peru.

The reds new signings: should no longer be regrets, it's time to do something

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Liverpool striker Ricky - lambert said in an interview, Ibrahimovic Hypervenom now he has to do is concentrate on for next season for the team, rather than continue to think how bumpy career. Ricky - lambert is a native of Liverpool, but he was at the age of 15 to give up the red army academy school. Then the striker after low level teams, and ultimately in Southampton, outstanding performance to cause the attention of Liverpool, and return to anfield in the summer of this year. Many people sigh Ricky - after a lambert can keep a month, but the striker knows that, in the current actively preparing for the new season are more important things. He said: "this is a good story, I would be glad to talk about it, Zlatan Ibrahimovic Hypervenom but I think that has now become the past. The new season first game in sight, and believe me, that's the only thing I now focus. Football world hold affair, the important thing is my performances on the pitch, I am very satisfied. If sentimental, that will only make you were knocked out." "Many Liverpool fans all like to sign a Liverpool team locals, but the fact is that the basic coach thinks I'm good enough to be a Liverpool player, no emotional factors in it. After this journey, played two years at Southampton England, also in the England team, accomprents I know you must eliminate emotional factors out of his head, and that's what I do now." "I must get into the squad, with club progress, impress coach, that is the most important thing. Obviously when I look back his career, I will always remember those who have played for, is of great significance to my club. But I believe, I must consider what they should do at the moment."